Smart Lists are used to segment your campaigns and automations so that they are only sent to specific groups of clients who share some common trait. Because you can add and subtract requirements to each list, you can create an endless number of smart lists directed towards groups both big and small.


Accessing smart lists

To access smart lists:

  • For Mindbody: log in to your Mindbody software and go to the Marketing tab, then click Manage to the right of Contact Lists under Your Tools.
  • For Booker: log in to your Booker software and select Marketing, the select the Marketing Suite sub tab, then click Contact Lists on the left under Your Tools.

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How smart lists are made

You'll notice a number of pre-made smart lists when accessing your contact lists for the first time, but you can also create lists of your own. When building a smart list, there are three main parts to consider: the filter type, operator, and value.

  • Filter type: This is the criteria used to filter your client list. For example, this might be gender, membership status, zip code, or marketing opt-in status.
  • Operator: This is the relationship between the filter type you selected and the value. Your options change depending on the type of filter chosen.
  • Value: This is the value of the filter you selected, and your options will vary depending on the filter type chosen. For example, if you chose "gender" as your filter then you'll choose between "male" and "female" here, but if you chose "Zip code" then you would enter the specific postal code you're searching for.

Let's say we're looking to create a list of all clients located in California. To create this smart list, we'd choose the following:

  • Filter type: "State or Province"
  • Operator: "Is"
  • Value: "CA"

In the next section, we'll walk through this example step by step.

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Creating smart lists

In this section, we'll walk step by step through the process of creating a new smart list. Our example will cover how to create a smart list composed of clients who live in the state of California, but the steps are the same regardless of what you're looking to set up.

  1. On the Contact Lists page, click on the + button in the upper left corner and select Create Smart List.
  2. On the right side, choose a filter for your list:
    • Contact field fielder: Filter by a piece of information in the client's profile, such as last name, phone number, state, gender, membership status, etc.
    • Interaction history: Filter by client action, such as a recent booking for a specific service, a purchase, if the client called or texted recently, provided feedback, etc.
    • Contact list filter: Uses the lists already created for you. This allows you to combine two or more lists into a new list, or add filters to an existing list.
  3. Now select a filter type—this is where you choose who the smart list should target. In our example, we're looking for clients who live in a specific state.
    • Note: Your filter options will vary depending on what you chose in the previous step. "Field name" is shown here because we're creating a contact field filter, but you may see "interaction type" or "list" when creating a different smart list type.
  4. Now select an operator—this is where you set the relationship between the filter type and the value. We chose "is" in our example because we're targeting all clients whose state is set as "California" in their profile.
    • You can also exclude clients here; if we set the operator to "is not" then our list would be composed of all clients outside California.
  5. Finally select a value—this is where you choose what the filter should detect in the client's profile. We entered "California" because we want to isolate all the clients who have that exact term entered in their profile. Click Add when finished.
  6. (Optional) Click And to add a second filter to your list; this narrows your list and makes it more specific. For example, we'd use this if we wanted to target only clients who live in California and live in a particular zip code.
  7. (Optional) Click Or to add an additional filter to your list; this broadens your list and adds all clients who meet any of the criteria. For example, we'd use this if we wanted to target all clients who live in either California or Oregon.
  8. Name your list and click Save to finish.

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What can I do with my smart list?

After creating a smart list, you'll see it as an option when creating campaigns or automations. Please note that smart lists are not used with Smart Marketing tools because those offers are managed entirely by the marketing suite's marketing algorithm.

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How do I edit a smart list?

After creating a smart list, you can select it from the Smart Lists menu and press the pencil icon to adjust the filters.

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