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  • Redeeming promotion codes

    This lesson shows how promo codes are redeemed on the Retail screen, and goes over some of the limitations you need to know.

    • Video
    • Duration 3m
    • Rating 3.5
  • Progress Tracking

    The Progress Tracking feature allows you to easily track and manage your client's skills, ranks, and overall progress metrics; whether you're tracking progress towards a specific achievement, teacher training, children's program, or competition. In this path, you'll learn how to...

    • Path
    • Duration 11m
  • We miss you!

    Bring in clients who's visits have grown static with the 'We miss you' automation from the Marketing Suite.

    • Duration 10m
  • Lead Management

    Streamline your sales pipeline. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and sticky notes—and meet a built-in lead management system that tracks, nurtures, and turns sales leads into members of your community.

    • Path
  • Managing your Sales Pipeline

    Now that we’ve ensured our software is ready for Lead Management, it's time to dive into using the Sales Pipeline - easy-access client profiles, scheduled follow-ups—and the tools to measure your performance.

    • Duration 5m
  • Managing the marketing lifecycle

    Acquire clients through search, social media, and promotional offers—and keep them coming back with automated, customizable messages and campaigns.

    • Path
    • Duration 1.6h
  • Level 1: Running your software

    This course builds a foundation of how to use the software on a day-to-day basis and is suitable for all learners, from brand new Mindbody users looking to learn the platform to skilled users looking to become certified.

    • Collection
    • Duration 5.4h
    • Rating 4.7
  • Reporting on revenue

    Revenue-based reports are the best tool for monitoring the performance of your business. Learn how to get big-picture overviews of your business’ revenue, as well as how to dig down into the specifics.

    • Path
  • Branded Mobile App Settings

    Learn how to customize your app experience to increase your brand exposure, stay connected with your clients, and give them another way to connect with your services.

    • Path
  • Messenger[ai]

    Never miss a customer. Turn missed calls into bookings, keep your staff focused on customers, and communicate with clients the way they prefer. Peace of mind, better relationships, and no more missed clients. 

    • Path
  • Family Accounts

    The Family Accounts feature lets your clients book, buy, and manage their entire family’s info from a single Mindbody account, providing them with a more seamless experience and reducing account management for your staff.

    • Path