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  • Additional scheduling features

    These lessons focus on the lesser-used—but by no means less useful—scheduling features in the software. You'll learn how to quickly manage your schedule and expedite the sign-in process at the front desk.

    • Duration 17mins
  • Appointments

    These lessons focus on setting up and managing the appointment services in your software. You'll learn how to create new appointments, customize them, and even troubleshoot them when something goes wrong.

    • Duration 2.0hr
  • Apps

    These lessons will guide you through the daily use of MINDBODY's apps.

    • Duration 12mins
  • Classes

    These lessons focus on the skills you'll need when setting up and managing classes at your business. We'll cover how to create a brand new class schedule, customize the class settings in your software, and use the sign-in screen on...

    • Duration 2.1hr
    • 5.0
  • Client management

    The client profile tracks everything that a client does at your business, from their very first visit to their most recent purchase. These lessons will give you a fuller understanding of the client experience by taking an up-close look at...

    • Duration 1.5hr
  • Enrollments

    These lessons focus on setting up and managing enrollments. You'll learn how to create new schedules, explore some of the options that affect their functionality, and then see the many ways they're used in the software.

    • Duration 1.4hr
  • Introduction to MINDBODY

    Let's start with the basics. These lessons cover the things you'll need to know when getting started at a MINDBODY business, such as how to clock in for your shift and find answers using MINDBODY's help resources.

    • Duration 20mins
    • 5.0
  • Level 1 Certification: Staff

    The Level 1 certification is suitable for all learners, from brand new MINDBODY users looking to learn the platform to skilled users looking to become certified.

    • Duration 5.4hr
    • 4.0
  • Level 2 Certification: Operations

    The Level 2 certification builds on the skills covered in our staff training series, with an increased focus on site setup, staff management, and advanced daily use of the MINDBODY software.

  • MINDBODY Software Certification Exam - Level 1: Staff

    This final exam tests your understanding of all topics presented throughout the Front Desk Staff courses. You have 90 minutes to answer 40 multiple-choice questions. The passing score to receive the certificate of completion is 80%.

    • Duration 1.5hr
  • Reports

    MINDBODY includes a wide selection of reports that provide key insights into the day-to-day operations of a business. In this section, we'll look at the ones you're most likely need when running the front desk.

    • Duration 28mins
  • Retail point of sale

    The Retail Point of Sale screen is where you'll conduct most sales in your MINDBODY software. These lessons will go over the available options and demonstrate how to complete a wide variety of transactions.

    • Duration 26mins
  • Service types

    These lessons focus on the different types of services available in MINDBODY: classes, appointments, and enrollments. You'll first learn a bit about why a business might want to use each of them, and then dig into the particulars of how...

    • Duration 2.4hr
  • Welcome to Frederick

    This learning path will walk you through how to use your Frederick marketing tools. 

  • Your customers

    This collection will show you to manage client information and grow your customer base.