How do I sync subscription preferences between your booking software and the Marketing Suite?

The Sync Settings feature in the Marketing Suite keeps your clients' subscription preferences updated across platforms. This means that any client who unsubscribes from your marketing emails will also be unsubscribed in MINDBODY (and vice versa).

Here's how to enable the Sync Settings feature in the Marketing Suite:

  1. Go to the Marketing tab and choose to manage either Automations, Email Campaigns, or Contact Lists.
  2. Click Open more tools on the left side.
  3. Select Business Listing.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and toggle the Sync Settings switch to on.

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How do I keep my emails from going to spam?

Although we can't guarantee your emails will always reach your client's inbox, here are some best practices you can use to set your campaigns up for success:

  • Advise your clients to add to their contact list.
  • Avoid exclamation points, all-caps subject lines, and pushy trigger words (e.g., FREE!!!).
  • Test your emails before sending them to clients.

For a full list of tips and best practices, check out our one-page PDF by clicking here.

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How do I send a test email or text?

You'll see the option to send a test email or text when enabling each smart marketing tool or automation. This allows you to preview what's sent to your clients and make any necessary adjustments before any emails send out.

If you don't receive the test email, add to your contacts list and check the spam folder. 

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How can clients unsubscribe?

Clients can opt out of emails using the unsubscribe link included at the bottom of your marketing emails.

Clients can opt out of text offers by replying "Stop" to the most recent text message from your business (or, they may text "Stop" to the trackable phone number found on your Business Listing screen in the Marketing Suite).

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If I edit an automation, will clients receive the same emails again when I re-enable it?

No. The Marketing Suite remembers which clients have received each campaign and won't re-send the same series of emails.

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Why didn't my email or text get sent to everyone?

By design, we will only email Smart Marketing offers to a specific segment of your client base each day. Discounts are directed towards the clients that are most likely to accept them, so not every client will be included in every email. Moreover, clients who've recently received an offer won't receive another one for at least a couple weeks. This protects the value of your services and avoids overwhelming clients with emails.

Campaigns aren't segmented in the same way; all clients who are eligible for the campaign will be included. But campaigns—particularly those built using Smart Lists—are dynamic, meaning clients will be taken off the email list as soon as they become ineligible for the campaign. For instance, a brand new client may be automatically removed from a New Client Offer campaign because they made their first purchase.

There are a couple of other options that may come into play as well. The "Require a Recent Visit" option on the Discount Settings screen will prevent any emails being sent to clients who haven't visited in the last two years. The Marketing Suite also won't send more than one email a day, so clients may not immediately receive an email when one was already sent from a separate campaign or another one of your locations.

Finally, it's possible the client may simply not be opted into offers through MINDBODY or the Marketing Suite.You can check client opt-in status using the Contact Lists.

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How can clients opt in to texts?

Clients can sign up at any time by texting "Subscribe" to the trackable phone number found on your Business Listing screen in the Marketing Suite, or by clicking the subscription link at the bottom of your automated emails.

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Can I customize my SMS responses?

Not at this time. SMS responses are designed to fit within the 160-character limit of standard messaging services.

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Can clients receive SMS notifications but not promotions?

Yes. There are two types of text subscriptions: "text subscribed" and "text promotions subscribed." Clients can choose the messages they'd like to receive by clicking the subscription link in the footer of your business emails and visiting the Communications Preferences screen.

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