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In these times, we may be separated, but we're in this together. Now, more than ever is the time to stay connected - not just for the sake of our businesses, but because we're a community that wants to support each other.

Tips on crafting COVID-19 specific messaging

Lead with your point

Done with empathy in mind, there's no harm in this situation to speak plainly. It's important to remember that every business out there is sending COVID-19 messaging to their consumers, so crafting messaging and acknowledging that people are feeling a little burnt out can make a huge difference in how you approach your content.

If you can be real with your clients and attempt to address their concerns or validate their experience from the jumping-off point, that will increase connection and continue to cultivate that relationship.

Keep the value message front and center

Even though the shutters are drawn, make sure your clients know that you're still actively working on their behalf.

  • You can include resources for clients to use that rectifies their greatest needs while stuck at home.
  • You can include personal stories about what the business is doing to help the community.
  • You can describe the strides your making in creating alternative-membership options and services -then broadcast them to your audience when they're ready to use.
  • If you and your clients feel like it's appropriate, establish 1:1 connections with your clients to check-in on how they're doing.
  • Always ask for feedback! Someone might share your next big idea.

Set the action in motion and provide options

If they weren't already, links are your new best friend. Establish a library of resources that you can send to your clients to keep them involved in both your content and the topics that your community is interested in.

Don't forget to use a variety of media to reach out to your clients:

  • Social media is still the reigning platform to use messaging, private groups and pictures.
  • Cultivate a video library that directs clients to alternative classes, how-to's, and more.
  • Use video chat or video conferencing software to host online parties and group discussions. This is also a great platform to continue your appointment based services in an alternative form, so make sure that clients know that is still available to them.
  • Keep your normal newsletter cadence going at its' normal rate, rather than increasing the frequency. This makes sure it's still something clients want to read, instead of it becoming a nuisance in your clients' inboxes.

If you are curious about Mindbody and Booker tools available to get the word out quickly via text or newsletter, follow these links to learn more about the Marketing Suite, Bowtie Lite, and the Mailing List Report (Mindbody).