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Booking a virtual class

Booking live stream classes is just as easy as any other type of class, and can be done through any consumer booking platform like, the Mindbody app, or Branded Web. featured virtual classes

In, you can scroll down to see a feed of nearby virtual classes, or you can click “book virtual” to see a list of all of todays’ upcoming virtual classes in your area. virtual class search

Alternatively, you can search for the type of class you want from the home screen. For this example, let’s just search for “fitness.” You can then open the list of all fitness classes in the area and use the filter at the top of the screen to limit your search to virtual classes.

Mindbody app featured virtual classes

Finding virtual classes in the Mindbody app is as easy as opening the app and selecting “Explore Virtual Classes”. You can also search for a specific type of class, just like on

Branded web

Finally, clients can use the Branded Web tool on your business’ website to view your schedule and book classes. Because you used the “Virtual” keyword in your class titles, it’s clear which classes are able to be live streamed.

From there, the process of booking a virtual class is the same as booking any other class type.

Joining a live stream

Email invite

Up to 30 minutes before the class begins, the client will receive an email with a direct link to join the live stream.

All clients need to join a live stream is a web browser. This means they can join your live streams from their computer, smartphone, or tablet, without needing any additional software or plugins.

Log in screen

Clicking this link will bring the client to a login screen, where they can enter one of three credential types: they can use their consumer mode login, their Mindbody account that’s used with the Mindbody App or Branded Mobile App, or the Facebook, Google, or Apple account that was used to purchase the pricing option at that studio. schedule

Alternatively, the client can join the live stream either through their schedule on

Android Mindbody app schedule

...or their schedule on the Mindbody app.

The client will then be taken to the live stream platform, which is nearly identical to what the hosting staff member sees.

Participating in a live stream

Private waiting room

If the host has yet to start the class, the client will be placed in a private waiting room until the class begins.

Camera permission prompt

When the class begins, the client will see a prompt requesting permission for the site to access their camera and microphone. This preference can be saved in the browser for future sessions.

Component controls

Just like on the host's side, the client can enable or disable their microphone or camera using the controls at the top of the screen.

In the center, the client can see their camera feed in a Last check. The client can take this opportunity to make sure their microphone and camera are set up as they want.

When the client’s ready to join, all they have to do is click the green Join button.

Live stream class

Once the class begins, the screen is very similar to what the host sees. As shown above, the pinned video is placed in the center of the screen, and can be changed at any time by the host. Just like on the host's screen, the list of participants can be found on the left.

Grid view

Clients can also toggle Grid view by clicking the icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

Signing out

The client can leave the class at any time by clicking the Leave button at the top of the screen. The client can then sign out of the virtual wellness platform by clicking the Sign Out button. This can be helpful if the client needs to log in with different credentials.

As you can see, hosting and participating in a live stream class is easy on Mindbody’s Virtual Wellness Platform. Using virtual services, you can enable your clients to engage with your business from nearly anywhere in the world, and expand the reach of your business beyond the four walls of your brick-and-mortar location.

View a full list of live stream FAQs here.