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Kid's activities

Keeping kids active while they're stuck inside is a long felt challenge for parents (and teachers). Providing classes that allow kids to burn off all that extra energy is becoming a popular service. Check out this link and the list below for ideas to get you started in developing exercise programs for kids:

-Kid's yoga; 'Brain breaks' and stretching to stay active while homeschooling; Kid's dance and wiggle classes; Workout with my parents' trainer (and their kids); Kid's cardio; and Line dancing for kids... because- why not?

Parent & me

The kids aren't the only one's who get to have all the fun. With your help, your business can get the whole family involved. We're seeing some creative ideas for classes that emphasizes family activity. By losing the equipment, focusing on movements that everyone can do, and creating fun challenges (Can you say, 'couch cushion obstacle course'?), parents and kids can workout together side-by-side.

Video-based personal training

You can continue your PT services, as planned, while still adhereing to social distancing restrictions through pre-recorded video, on demand, or an appointment that you keep over video conference.

Calisthenics & body weight

No equipment? No problem. Create a class that helps your clients bust through a body weight only routine. Your presence in their living room over livestream or video conference will help them push through during the hardest parts of their workout.

Nutrition consults

Nutritional consults can happen just as easily on the phone or over video as they can in person. We've also seen a twist in these types of consults gaining popularity, where you can use some of the time on a video call to go through the client's pantry with them. The pantry assessment allows you to create personalized food plans for your clients that include the food they have on hand.

Home cooking how-to's

People, the world over, have found themselves staring at their pantry and wondering what to do with the ingredients that, up until recently, have just sat there. Host pantry clean-out sessions by demonstrating healthy and tasty recipes that allow for a variety of substitutions, so you can accommodate a wide variety of ingredients that people might find in the depths of their food stores.

Salon & Spa

Nail care pro tips & secrets of the trade

Do you know the trick to a steady hand or how to clean up a paint job without starting over? Creating videos (and charging for access) on how to do everything from proper nail trimming procedures to how to keep your acrylics looking good while clients are sheltering in place can keep your revenue stream bouyant until your clients can return to your professional care.

Make-up tutorials

Achieving the perfect smoky eye is an artform. Walk your clients through your best tips and tricks, so they can stay fabulous.

Hair tutorials

Straight. Wavy. Curly. Crimpy. Spirals. All hair needs love. If all the images popping up of people with 'home hair' are any indication, you're just the professional we need to teach clients how to achieve their best hair from home - until we can make it back into the salon, anyway.

Video conference lighting consultations

Even though we're not in the office, we still want to look our best. However, the lighting available on some of the video calls happening is casting unflattering shadows over meetings everywhere. Chat with your clients one on one to come up with creative ways to properly light their space, so their best features are highlighted.

Face & skin care consults

Now that people have the time to take an extra ten minutes of self-care in the morning, share your recommendations with your clients. For additional help and ideas, check out this blog post.

Facial in a box

Create customized product kits to send to your clients, and include a card that directs clients to a how-to video link. Clients can have a facial experience at home with your guidance and expertise.


Self- massage

Provide tips and tricks to your followers about how they can help themselves to relief from muscle soreness.

Guided meditation & breathing/Yin work

When the whole world's anxiety has collectively peaked, reminding your community to stop and breathe is a valuable service. Creating videos that feature breath work or doing video conference classes where groups can breathe together from their living rooms is a way to stay keep in touch with your client base.

Sound bath

Soak your clients in aural serenity and give them an outlet to sing and chant with others during this time of social distancing.


From everything to how to keep your body in alignment while you work from home to stretching to fight sedentary bodies and encourage distraction from anxiety, we need these tips out there. Find a way to package and brand it so it's easy to use, and you've created a new revenue stream.

Guided body alignment exercise

For the physical therapists and chriopractors out there, this one is for you. Share your knowledge with a population that is spending a bunch of time slouched over at their desks and on their couches.

Guided self-acupressure

Sedentary people equals painful bodies. Clients may not be able to visit you and your table right now, but you can still guide them through acupressure techniques that can help them address pain points and disruptions in energy flow.