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The following Client reports will help you plan your marketing tactics and campaigns for the holiday season.

First Visit report: See which clients came in for the first time as a result of your holiday pricing options and how many times they've returned since then.

Last Visit report: Clients have a habit of dropping off around the holidays (due to travel and family). This report identifies those clients who have been away too long to help gather their email addresses so you can entice them back.

Big Spenders report: Find which clients are spending the most at your business and decide if there's a way you want to reward or celebrate them during the holiday season - for example, with special "Christmas Presents" as a thank you for their loyalty and dedication.

Referrers report: When running promotions that revolve around referring a friend or family member, this report will identify which clients are referring the most people.

Referral Types report: Around the holidays, business will often increase their spending on marketing efforts, so this report tracks which referral sources are the most effective.