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Table of contents

0:00 - Intro
0:22 - Purpose of certification
0:55 - Certification types and levels
1:28 - Next steps
1:44 - Outro

Certification types

Start by selecting from two certification types, based on your business model.

  • Full certification: This certification is ideal for anyone working with a business that offers classes, enrollments, and appointment-based services such as a Pilates studio, wellness center, or other fitness boutiques.
  • Appointment certification: This certification contains core content from the Full Certification and focuses on what is relevant to the appointment-only business. It's ideal for businesses such as a salon, spa, or integrative health facility.


Next, choose your level within the certification based on your learning needs. Each certification has two levels with courses leading to an assessment. After the required courses are completed, the assessment will be unlocked.

Level 1: Running your software

This level is suited for everyone. It covers the following topics:

  • Adding new clients and looking up clients
  • Basic client management
  • Scheduling services
  • Retail point of sale

Level 2: Managing your software

This level is suited for Managers, Directors, Operations, Owners, and Consultants. It builds on the skills covered in the previous level, plus the following topics:

  • Running and understanding common reports
  • Staff management
  • Advanced client management
  • New service setup and scheduling
  • Creating pricing and products

Get certified

Finally, take an assessment to get Mindbody Certified or choose to use the courses as an educational resource.

Earning a Mindbody Certification is an accomplishment and proves a deep understanding of the software. There is a required assessment at the end of each level. You will have 90 minutes to complete 40 open-book questions and receive at least an 80% passing grade If you don't pass the first time, don't worry—you can always try again.