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Providing quality customer service for clients requires personal attention. You’ll probably check in with them regularly before, during, and after their visit to provide reminders, information, and incentives that will enhance their experience. And even though your interactions with your clients are high touch, these days, most clients and staff might prefer to keep the actual physical contact to a minimum. Especially for businesses that focus on classes as their primary service.

Limiting shared items and face time during and after class sessions can be difficult. Checking in at the front desk and accepting payment, traditionally, has been an unavoidable sticking point when trying to keep contact at bay. With the comfort and health of their staff and clients in mind, businesses are looking for ways to bypass these issues by getting creative with administrative tasks at the front desk.

The good news is you can start incorporating options for low-contact interactions in your business protocols to accommodate everyone. Check out the tips below to get for ideas on how to get started with an excellent and personal, yet, low-touch customer experience. If you see something you like, don’t forget to follow the links for additional resources that will help you set up or use that feature in your Mindbody software and apps. Let’s take a look!

Re-thinking how to engage with clients

Make it easy for clients to take care of the paperwork before they arrive. Automatically send digital forms and waivers to customers, so they can fill them out before they arrive at their session. This way, you can get started on time - and keep the lobby free. Digital forms and waivers can always be filled out on the client's personal device, even if they forget to fill it out ahead of time. That helps your efforts by eliminating shared paper, clipboards, or tablets.

  • If your intake questionnaire is on the shorter side, we recommend using the Client Indexes feature to create a list of questions, so clients can fill out the basics.

  • For intake forms that are more detailed, we recommend using branded web tools or Mindbody’s Client Forms feature.

  • For businesses that have an extensive set of forms and need a fully automated intake process, check out Mindbody’s partner, Guest Intake.

Put the control of both check-in and check out in the clients’ hands. For those who have the branded mobile app, clients are prompted to check themselves into and out of class on their personal devices when they are close to your business. From there, they can just float into class.

Using key tags aids both clients and staff with an expedited check-in as clients can scan their member card to mark themselves signed in for class.

Bring Mindbody along with you during outdoor classes. When you download and use the Mindbody Business app, the power of your Mindbody site becomes easy and convenient to take on the go. Any of your staff members can access the class schedule and roster with their own login on their mobile device, take a quick roll call before class, and check everyone in within a few taps.

Virtual Classes: Expand your class capacity exponentially

Live Stream and Video On Demand classes were a quick and innovative solution to keep client interactions going when everyone, suddenly, found themselves bound indoors. Now, virtual is here to stay. And it’s all because the functionality of the Virtual platform on Mindbody allows you to connect with your current clients and open your doors to new clients from around the globe - transformative.

You simply need to schedule your virtual classes or post your pre-recorded trainings and let the software do the rest. Clients will book and pay the same as they always have, and there’s built-in functionality to automate connecting with your clients before each Live Stream class and ways to promote your Video On Demand services across multiple platforms.

Low-touch Payments

Storing Credit Cards

Storing credit cards on file is the easiest way to provide contactless solutions for your business. You can add the billing info for the client on the core software or the Mindbody business app, on either iOS or Android. Alternatively, your client can add their credit card information through their consumer mode profile online or via the Mindbody app.

If they’re feeling wary about the security of their credit card number, you can reassure your clients that Mindbody is Level I Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant. This means that MINDBODY meets the credit card industry's highest security standard. We encrypt your client’s credit card numbers and billing information so it can’t be seen by staff members, we back it up daily so it won’t be lost, and we securely store it offsite.

Contactless transactions

When you have a stored card available for use, running the transaction is a simple as confirming that it’s the client’s preferred form of payment and choosing ‘‘CC Key Stored’’ in the Retail tab. You can follow this up by emailing the receipt to the client, instead of handing them a paper copy.

You can also use stored cards for purchases on both the Mindbody business app (iOS & Android) and the Mindbody app.

There are more options that are separate from your subscription that will configure your payment processing terminal to be touchless. For more information, please follow this link.