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  • Getting your Branded Mobile App started

    Launching your branded mobile app is a collaborative process. That's why our team needs your input when creating the app: We need your images, your color choices, your thoughts, and your designs. Learn more about the process in this path.

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    • Rating 5.0
  • Business metrics & financial planning

    Learn how to run, analyze, and set goals based on reports for revenue, attendance, and new client growth. Identify targets and get pricing strategies that improve retention and maximize your bottom line. NEW USERS: Click on the "Log In" butto...

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  • Client retention

    Know your clients, stay connected with them, and keep them coming back by creating sales processes and using software features like auto-emails and recurring payments. NEW USERS: Click on the "Log In" button in the top right hand corner of...

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  • Failed autopay alerts on the Dashboard

    With this feature, we can alert your business when an auto pay fails so you can follow up with your clients much faster. A “Failed autopays” alert box will appear directly on your default dashboard (Client Acquisition or Schedule screen) to notify you...

    • Membership report

      This report is useful to run when you want to see how many clients are members and how may pricing options are in your system.  Before you start To view and run this report, the following staff permission must be enabled:...

      • Staff payroll reports

        This two-part feature covers both the Payroll report, which shows how all of your staff members are being paid, and the Assistants report, which shows payroll information exclusively for assistants. 

        • Duration 5m
      • Sales report

        The Sales report allows you to track sales revenue with specificity. You can filter sales by employee, category, or location, and view sales information for your products and services.  Before you start Only owners and staff members with...

        • Adding staff

          In our introductory video to staff management, you'll see how to create new staff profiles in your software and learn a bit about the options available on the Staff Profile screen.

          • Duration 3m
          • Rating 5.0
        • Appointment pay rates

          This video will show you how to set up appointment pay rates in your software on both a percentage and flat rate basis. This pay rate can be used in addition to or separate from any other pay rates you...

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          • Duration 5m