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Signing up

What is Mindbody Solo?
Mindbody Solo is a new app designed exclusively for solo practitioners. This powerful yet lightweight program is focused on the essential tools you need to run your business—such as scheduling, payments, and client management—without the added cost and complexity of the full Mindbody software.

What can I do with Mindbody Solo?
Mindbody Solo simplifies your day-to-day business by facilitating:

  • Scheduling
  • Online booking
  • Client account management
  • On-the-go payments

How do I purchase Mindbody Solo?
Mindbody Solo is currently available only through select partners in the US. By early 2022, SOLO will be offered as a generally available product with many new (not yet to be revealed) features and capabilities.

What are the requirements?
At this time, Solo subscribers must meet the following requirements:

  • US only
  • Must sign up for Mindbody merchant processing
  • Available only to single-person business owners
  • Requires a cellphone running iOS 13/Android 10 or later
  • Only available through select partners.

Managing your subscription

How do I cancel?
Subscriptions are managed through a Solo Purchase page outside the app. This page is where you’ll go to sign up, cancel, update your billing info, and manage your account.

During beta, subscription updates can be cancelled by emailing

How do I update my payment info?
You must return to the purchase page where it was originally bought.

During beta, subscriptions can be modified by emailing

Can I upgrade Solo to the full Mindbody software?
Because Solo is a separate platform from the full software, you'll need to cancel your existing subscription and join the Solo program as an entirely new customer. There is currently no way to carry over any clients, passes, or records from an existing subscription.

Getting started with the app

How do I log into the app?
When logging in for the first time, select Create an instructor account and register using the same email address and password used when purchasing your subscription.

In the future, you can log in by tapping the Sign in link under the button.

Is a merchant account really required?
Yes. Customers must make a transaction with your business (even if it’s a $0 sale) in order to create an account in your site.

How long does it take to get approved for a merchant account?
Approval is immediate so long as your business info check outs. This process is fully automated by our payment processing partner, and you'll be immediately told if any additional information is required.

Do I need a credit card reader?
You do not. Because Mindbody Solo uses integrated payments processing, all payment information is stored and processed directly through the app.

How do I get paid for app sales?
Integrated payments processing allows your clients to pay with a credit/debit card either in person or from the comfort of home. Payments are processed instantly and deposited into your bank account within a couple of days.

Simply tap Me > Manage Payments within the app to sign up or review your current payments account.

Which mobile OS version is required to use the app?

  • Apple: iOS 13 or later
  • Android: Android 10 or later

Can I import existing client lists and passes from Excel or another software?
Not at this time.

How do my customers sign up for the app?
We recommend using the "share" option in the app to send a download link to your customers. They'll then need to log in, search for your name, and add your business to their app.

Similar to the Mindbody app, these customers won’t show up in your “site” until a booking or sale is made. This transaction is necessary to link the client’s account to your business.

How do clients pay through the app?
Your clients will be asked to enter payment information when making their first purchase through the app. You can also manually enter these details from the client’s profile or while completing a transaction.

This payment information is securely stored in the client’s profile and can be quickly selected when making future purchases.

Can I use the same email address as both an instructor and a customer?
Yes. If you attend services with another instructor, you can use the same email address and password used to log into your business. You'll simply need to log out of the app and log back in as a customer.