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Selling products online is a great way to promote awareness of your inventory and increase sales. While setting up products, you may’ve encountered elements of the Online Store. We’ll review the key settings you’ll want to review to ensure a smooth client experience.


To find the Online Store settings, click:

Manager Tools > Settings > General Setup and Options > Online Store Settings


If you plan on selling products online, these are the bare essentials we recommend that you take a look at.

Online Retail Store: This feature works in conjunction with the Sell Your Own Products Online option listed below. You'll need to enable both to sell your products online.

Sell Your Own Products Online: This feature adds the ‘Products’ section to the Online Store tab.

E-commerce Order Fulfillment Location (default): This sets the default shipping location for online product sales. When setting up or editing your products, this field will be set to this default location.

Show # In Stock to Public: Allows clients to see how many units of a product are currently in stock.

Hide Out Of Stock Products: Removes out-of-stock products from view in the Online Store.

Allow Out of Stock Orders: If enabled, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. It’s best practice to also enable “Show # In Stock to Public” so the client knows it’s out of stock and will take longer to fulfill their order.

  2. You’ll need to disable “Hide Out of Stock Products,” otherwise these items won’t be visible for sale.

Sizing Chart URL: You can add one sizing chart url by inserting the link here. You must include the “http://" part of the url for this to work.

Clients can follow this link to view your detailed sizing information.

Color Swatch URL: You can add one color swatch url by inserting the link here. You must include the “http://” part of the url for this to work.

Clients can follow this link to view your detailed color information.

In-store pickup

You have the option to allow clients to purchase your products online and pick them up at the business. This is a great way for family or friends to buy gifts for their loved ones from afar and allow them to pick up their gift.

Enabling this option allows the client to choose to have their items shipped or to pick them up at the business’s location.


If you’d like to offer online product sales that you plan on shipping, these are the following settings that you’ll want to set up.

Handling Charge: This is a flat rate that is charged per order. This is not a per item charge.

Ship From fields: The ‘ship from’ fields allow for accurate shipping cost estimates at the point of sale. Please ensure the following fields are completed with the correct information to provide your clients with a smooth check out experience. These include address, city, state/prov, country, and postal code.

Free Shipping Threshold: Any purchases made over this amount will qualify the order for free shipping. If you don't want to allow any free shipping, leave this field blank. Inputting $0 will make every order eligible for free shipping.

Allow Shoppers to Select Faster Shipping Methods: By default, MINDBODY automatically calculates the least expensive shipping method. Enable if you’d like to give clients a faster option at a potentially higher rate.

Shipping Weights Measured In: Select between Kilograms and Pounds. An accurate weight is essential for calculating shipping costs. You’ll want to ensure the correct weight is entered on the product setup screen.