With this feature, we can alert your business when an auto pay fails so you can follow up with your clients much faster. A “Failed autopays” alert box will appear directly on your default dashboard (Client Acquisition or Schedule screen) to notify you about these autopays and direct you to the Autopay Detail report in order to manage your client's transactions.

The alert notification shows:

  • A number indicator showing the number of new records for clients with failed autopays.     
  • A red bar appears to indicate new alerts, and will no longer show if the details have already been looked at.
  • If the alert box is closed without resolving and it’s reopened, the red dot notification will no longer appear.                                
  • The Alerts box can be expanded or collapsed by clicking the menu arrow. Note: If you have no alerts, the box will stay collapsed.                                                                                              

When you click on View all, you’ll be taken to the Autopay Detail report to learn more about why the autopayments failed. 

  • The report will open to the current day as the default. You may need to adjust the date range if the failed autopay occurred on a different day.
  • To help you further manage your failed autopays, make sure your auto emails are set up to help prevent declines. For example, you can turn on the “Contract/Autopay Credit Card Expiring” auto email to prevent declines due to an expired credit card.
  • It could take up to 2 hours for the autopay details to clear after it has been resolved. 

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