The Workout screen is used to modify various details of an existing workout, such as the included videos, whether a warm up or demo is included, the duration of each video, and so on.

To access the Workout screen, click a link in the Your Workouts column on the Your Workouts screen.


The following fields and buttons are available on the Workout screen.

The following fields and buttons are available on the Workout screen.

Enter the name of the workout.
Class Length
The total duration of the class displays.

Note: The class duration is calculated by multiplying the number of stations by the amount in the Duration field, multiplying the number of stations by the amount in the Break field, adding the results, and converting to minutes.

For example, if 5 stations are included in the workout, 60 is entered in the Duration field, and is entered in the Break field, the following calculation is used.

(5 x 60) + (5 x 5) = 325

This result displays as 5:25 in the Class Length field.
Click the Demo button to play all videos in demo mode prior to the workout. During demo mode, click the mouse to proceed to the next station. Once demo mode is completed, click the mouse to begin the workout.
Click the Warm-Up button to add a warm-up session before the workout. When this button is clicked, the Warm-Up section displays, and stations can be added as normal.
Enter the duration, in seconds, for each station. For example, enter 60 to indicate each station should play for 1 minute.
Enter the duration, in seconds, for each break to take place between stations.
Select_Bg_Images.png Select Bg Images
Click the Select_Bg_Images.png (Select Bg Images) button to assign background images to the workout. The Assign Background Images window displays, where a single background image can be assigned to the workout or background images can be assigned for each TV screen. 
Set Zones
Click the Set Zones button to access the Workout Zones window, where zones can be set for each station in the workout.
Enter the number of stations to display on each TV for the workout. 
Add.png (Television)
Click the Add.png (Television) button to add an additional monitor to the workout display. Up to four televisions can be used in a workout.
Drag and drop a video to a blank video field to add the video to the station. Click a video to display the Preview window, where the video can be previewed in demo or workout mode.
Enter the category to filter the available videos to only those in the corresponding category.
Enter all or part of the name of a video and click the Search button Search button to search for videos containing the corresponding entry.

For example, enter lunge to search for all videos containing "lunge", such as Lateral Lunge and Reverse Lunge with Arm Extension.
Load More
Click the Load More button to load an additional 10 videos.

Preview Window

The Preview window is used to view a preview of the workout video in demo mode or workout mode. Using this window, you can also modify the name of the video, as it displays in the list of videos, download the video, and remove the demo or workout version of the video.


To preview a video, indicate which mode to play the video by clicking the Demo link or the Workout link, respectively, and click the Play_button.png (Play) button. To expand the video to full-screen mode, click the Full_Screen_button.png (Full Screen) button. The video can also be downloaded to the PC by clicking the Download_button.png (Download) button.

To edit the video name or remove the demo or workout version, click the Edit_Video.png (Edit) button and make changes as necessary. After making changes, click the  Edit_Video.png (Edit) button again and close the window. 

In addition, to remove a demo video or a workout video, click the Remove Demo File link or the Remove Workout File link, respectively.