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Live streamed classes help your members feel the support of your community, even when they can't be in your studio. And while your clients don’t expect perfection from your live stream, there are a few best practices to ensure clients can easily follow along live with your instructors—wherever they may be.

So, how do you make sure your instructors know how to create the best live stream class possible?

Download this live stream checklist and send it your instructor's way.

Our step-by-step, live streaming checklist covers:

  • How to prepare for a live stream, including how to set up a space, prep the camera, and confirm high-quality audio so viewers can tune in with ease
  • Why it's important to test the live stream before viewers jump onto the official broadcast
  • How to make each viewer feel seen and heard, without disrupting the flow of the live stream class
  • Why instructors should be wary of music in their live streams (and what to do if they're adamant about pumping up the jams)
  • Why asking the right kind of questions is key to helping viewers move safely throughout the live stream

This checklist will walk your team through the live stream process, step by step.

That way, your instructors can focus more on providing a studio-like, live streaming experience and less on the streaming logistics.