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Virtual fitness is more important than ever. With the global coronavirus pandemic, many gyms and studios have been forced to close temporarily; seeing clients in-person is no longer an option. The fitness industry is quickly pivoting to coach and instruct clients online. Video workouts are no longer niche—they've gone mainstream. It's time to get into the virtual mindset.

There's a lot to consider when you're starting out with video workouts and virtual fitness. You've got a successful fitness studio or gym, but online training and teaching is something totally foreign (and online workouts are likely new to your clients, too).

Whether your fitness studio or gym is looking to bring live stream classes, pre-recorded workout videos, or private virtual sessions to your clients, you need a strategy.

This step-by-step guide will coach you through everything you need to consider as you launch your video efforts. Use this as you're filling out your Business Plan Template for Your Fitness Video Offerings. This guide will take you through the basics and provide links to resources you can check out for even more info.

Download this guide and learn more about how to start your online fitness business.

Included in the guide:

  • How to determine which video offering is best for your fitness business and when live streaming, pre-recorded videos, and private virtual sessions are the optimal option
  • How to start creating video content for your clients, including best practices for live streaming classes, tips on how to create top-notch pre-recorded workout videos, and how to set yourself up for success in personal training or other types of virtual sessions with clients
  • What audio and visual equipment you need to invest in for your virtual workouts to create an excellent experience for your clients (Hint: An iPhone or webcam is the go-to for many)
  • The importance of considering what equipment your clients have at home when you start planning your virtual workouts and how you can grow your revenue with retail or rentals
  • Why you want to be careful with incorporating music into your virtual offerings
  • How you should think about pricing your video services to attract new customers and retain your current clients
  • How to approach marketing your online fitness, including the best (and easiest) ways to successfully target your ideal client and grow your customer base (Hint: social media, ads, and automated emails are all good ideas)
  • The importance of financial projections, including how many new clients you need to break even Information on what key performance metrics you should check to see if your online fitness efforts are successful
  • How video in Mindbody is an easy way for your clients to start working out with you online—and doesn't require any new training for your team