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The feature is included at no extra cost with all Ultimate 2.0 and Ultimate Plus packages. Don't see Lead Management in your site? Get connected with our sales team here.

Before we dive into building your list of prospects in the Lead Management suite, we need to make sure your software is set up for success. In this article, we'll walk through all the settings and preferences necessary to properly support Lead Management.

General Setup & Options

Finding General Setup & Options

The Lead Management Suite relies on elements of Mindbody’s existing prospect tracking system, so we’ll need to make sure those functions are enabled in the General Setup & Options. This can be found by navigating to Home > Manager Tools > Settings > General Setup & Options.

General Setup & Options

Under Client Management, enable Allow individuals to be prospects. We also recommend checking Add new client – default to prospect. Enabling this option will ensure that every new profile added to your software is marked as a prospect, which is necessary for those profiles to be automatically added to Lead Management.

Staff Permissions

Staff Permissions

There are multiple permissions that you can enable or disable for your staff, based on how much access you want those staff members to have. These permissions can be found under the Sales Team Management header.

  • Ability to work the leads from sales pipeline
    • This permission grants access to the Sales Pipeline screen, read-only access to the Sales Pipeline settings menu, and full access to leads in the pipeline. This includes the ability to edit a lead’s information, its stage in the sales pipeline, and its follow-up tasks.

  • Set up lead capture settings

    • This permission grants full access to view and edit the Sales Pipeline settings menu. The “Ability to work the leads from the sales pipeline” permission is required for this permission to be enabled.

  • Access to Sales Funnel Analytics

    • This permission grants full access to the Sales Funnel Analytics dashboard report.

Assigning reps

In addition to setting Staff Permissions, you’ll also need to make sure that any staff member that will be managing leads has been marked as a rep on their staff profile. This allows leads to be assigned to them for follow-up tasks.

Locating Lead Management

Lead Management location

The Lead Management Suite is readily available on the home screen. Just click the Home tab, then Dashboard. In the side bar, you’ll find links to Lead Management and Sales Funnel Analytics.

Sales Pipeline Settings

Sales Pipeline Settings location

Clicking Lead Management will take you to the Sales Pipeline screen. We’ll discuss the Sales Pipeline in more detail during our next lesson. For now, let’s open the Settings menu.

In the settings menu, there are three options to enable or edit.

Sales Pipeline Settings

Track leads allows Lead Management to detect new prospects in the software and add them to the Sales Pipeline. It is required for the tool to work.

My Lead Conversion Criteria allows you to set which pricing options, memberships, or contracts qualify a prospect to be moved to the “Won” stage and converted to a client. A good example of a qualifying purchase would be a monthly unlimited membership, if your business provides one.

If you leave this option disabled, prospects will be able to be moved to the “Won” stage of the sales pipeline regardless of whether they’ve made a purchase at all. If this option is enabled with the fields left blank, prospects will be able to be moved to the “Won” stage after making any purchase.

Finally, to be notified when a lead is added to the Sales Pipeline or assigned to a sales rep, enter an email address in the Email notification field. We recommend using a shared email address or email distro for this feature so everyone in your sales team can receive these notifications.

In our next lesson, we’ll review the Sales Pipeline and how to manage leads within it.