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Picking a topic to discuss with your community on social media channels can cause the best of writers to stare blankly at their screen for a period of time. Here's some ideas to get you started:


Listing local resources
Inspiring stories about the community
Host a 'best dancer' contest and send a video conferencing link so members can join
Invite members to choose their own topic and contribute

About our staff

Staff spotlight
Netflix, music, books, and other media recommendations from the staff
A day in the life of (insert staff member's name)

About our members

Member interviewst
Pet spotlight
Ask members to share how your business has impacted their life

Techniques & tips

Journaling as a meditative, self care practice
AM and PM routines to adapt to avoid cabin fever while sheltering in place
Best playlists ever

Passion pieces

Why did you start this business?
These are a few of (our clients') favorite things

Exercise & Nutrition

Stretching for your body and your mind
Fueling your body and mind with healthy recipies
Smoothie making 101
At-home yoga
At home HIIT How to turn Spring Cleaning into a workout How to involve your kids in at home exercise


Our favorite products
Self care under quarentine
How-to's from a pro What to keep and when to toss when it comes to beauty products

Working from home (WFH)

Trade your daily commuting headspace for stepping into your home office headspace
Office chair yoga and body awareness
Ergonomics at home
Apps and other software to help with work productivity
Working from home for beginners

Cultivating & maintaining connection

Fresh air in wide open, safe spaces
How to stay connected while being physically distant
Sources of inspiration
Tips for cultivating hope and positivity