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Payment Processing

Are outside payments such as Venmo supported?
Yes, but there are limitations:

  • Alternate payment methods such as cash or Venmo are only available in the Instructor side of the app.
  • Customers must pay by credit card at the time of their booking; there is no option to pay later or by alternative means.
  • A customer’s first visit must be made with a credit card and must be made by the client themselves (because instructors can’t add client profiles to the app)
  • Customers cannot book online when paying by Venmo; instructors must book these appointments for them.
  • Instructors must select the proper payment method (“Cash or other”) when checking out.
  • Instructors must select “Mark as paid” when checking for the payment to be counted on their reports.
  • If the client pays later, they can select “Mark as paid” in their profile as soon as payment is received.

How do I refund a client?
Refunds are not yet available in the app—but we’re working on it. For now, you’ll need to refund your client using an alternative form of payment such as cash, check, or Venmo.

Are contracts or recurring payments supported?
Not at this time.

Notifications, Waivers, & Contact Methods

Can the app send notifications or reminders?
As the business owner, you'll receive reminders and notifications of upcoming scheduled events, but there are no reminder texts or notifications for customers at this time.

Are waivers collected?

If I enable waivers later on, are they sent to existing clients retroactively?
Yes — and completing the waiver will be required before the customer’s next booking. Par-q forms can be filled in later, however.

What is a par-q form?
PAR-Q stands for Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire. It is a common intake form for the fitness industry.

Can I edit the fields on the par-q form?
Not at this time


Are overlapping or duplicate appointments allowed?
Yes, but only instructors can make overlapping appointments. You will receive a warning in the app when attempting to schedule a service that overlaps with another time.
There are no prep & finish or buffer times between appointments at this time.

How are unpaid services tracked?
An icon is prominently displayed throughout the app but there is not yet a report showing all unpaid services.

How are cancellations handled in the app?
You can enter your cancellation terms into the app so that they are visible to clients when booking, but there are no automated controls (such as cancellation windows) that restrict when or if a service may be cancelled.

Can I create my own service categories?
Not at this time. We've included a range of pre-set service categories in the app for you to choose from, and encourage you to choose the one that most closely matches your service.

Are reviews supported?
Not yet.


I'm a mobile business owner. What do I put as my location?
The Service Area section of your profile allows you to provide directions to a specific place of business. This can be a home, a public space such as a park, a landmark, etc.

How do I add a profile picture?
Go to the setup area of the app (not the main settings screen).

Can profile photos be cropped, edited, or re-positioned?
Not at this time. We recommend editing your profile photo outside the app before uploading it.

How many social media links can I add?
For now, just one.

Can I sync my calendar to Google, Outlook, or Apple iCal?
Not at this time.

Can the app be used on a tablet or computer?
Solo is only designed for use on mobile phones at this time.